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Tailored technology solutions designed to optimize your digital presence and unlock the potential of new opportunities for your business in the digital era.

Digital Experience Design

Foster engagement by creating a seamlessly integrated experience across your digital channels

Enable an immersive and captivating digital journey that matches your company goals and prioritizes user-centricity. We specialize in combining cutting-edge technologies with human-centered design principles to reshape your vision into a remarkable digital experience. By trusting our approach to leverage next-level research methodologies and data analytics models you make sure you are elevating your organization in the digital landscape and enabling flawless:

  • Web user journey definition
  • Candidate engagement
  • Client conversion
  • Digital onboarding

Digital Product Management

Introduce efficiency and add a scientific approach to your digital product management

Building a sustainable life cycle of a digital product is often a challenge. Our team can take the lead of an end-to-end process encompassing all stages of a product management, from the ideation, through research & analysis, till the product roadmap development. By combining our expertise in digital products and services with next-generation tech and data solutions we help you define:

  • the product vision
  • the product value proposition
  • the business case
  • the product requirements
  • the development, deployment, and adoption plan
  • the ongoing maintenance development

Application Development

Leverage Agile development to create powerful high-end applications for your business

Develop fully-scalable and sustainable mobile and web applications bringing impactful digital presence for your company. We implement a Scrum approach towards software development that guarantees milestone completion and a real-time adjustment based on feedback and performance. We have a proven track record of building and scaling applications using cutting-edge architectural and design patterns, building microservices' setups orchestrated by Kubernetes allowing truly elastic scaling to address business needs with seasonality patterns on a budget. Trust Black Peak Technologies’ expertise in:

  • Progressive Web Application development
  • Native Mobile Application development
  • Microservices development