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Digital Services

Digital Services

Digital journey assessment

Study, mapping and definition of the ideal digital experience journeys to match the company goals using detailed user research methodologies as well as data analytics across each step of the process.

Digital Product Management

End-to-end Product management supporting organizations to drive their digital products from ideation towards successful adoption and usage. This service encompasses all stages of Product Management from the definition of the vision, value prop, requirements definition and refinement through creation of the business case, build, deploy and adoption of the product.

Application development

Agile development of fully scalable and sustainable mobile and web applications to create an impactful digital presence of our client’s businesses. Our SCRUM teams allow us to quickly drive milestone completion and easily re-adjust next steps based on real-time feedback and performance of the applications.

Digital Services

Data Services

Data strategy assessment

Study, mapping and definition on the best-fit data strategy to enable the company business objectives by ensuring not only the creation of the data asset, but also the correct tagging, storage, management, validation and usage of the data asset towards the business goals.

Robotic Process Automation

Design, build and execute smart-flows, setting foundation for an “Always-On” business operating model. Manage the RPA services by dedicated teams with subscription, transaction or outcome based pricing models.

ML Data models

Development, training and refinement of data models enabling digital products to learn by themselves using historical and current usage data on order to make accurate predictions and personalized recommendations.

Digital Services

Cloud & Cybersecurity

Cloud Services

Consultancy, deployment, integration and maintenance of public/ private/ hybrid Cloud platforms. Services solely designed to provide easy, affordable access to applications and resources, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware.=

Data Center & Network engineering

Development, deployment or integration of Computing hardware (Servers, Storage devices, etc.) and/or Network equipment (WAN, LAN or corporate customer premises equipment (CPE)); can include, configuration, tuning, staging, training, installation and operability testing, design, etc.


Comprehensive assessment of a customer’s business assets to determine gaps / vulnerabilities that an entity or event can take advantage of, framework of policies/ processes/ tech for asset and data protection

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