Digital Experience Case Study: Hotel “SiteWalker” App

Digital Experience Case Study: Hotel “SiteWalker” App

Problem statement:

Our client was incurring extremely high costs related to the development of pricing proposals and savings estimations for new potential clients due to the high costs associated with Expert Engineers travel costs, accommodation and time for documentation and analysis.

Business objective:

Minimize the cost for documentation, analysis, cost and savings estimations for potential customers by reducing Engineer travel costs as well as significantly shorten the time to provide the quotation and proposal to clients.

Our Solution:

Our team build a React Native mobile application for internal use by our client’s local and regional teams. The app is meant to be used by the local trained “smart-hands” resources of our client local and regional offices in order to avoid sending Expert Engineers to potential client locations.

Guided by a simple and optimized for performance wizard-style workflow, the “sitewalkers” will go to the potential client site/hotel and by following the steps in the App will take pictures of the rooms and equipment available. The “sitewalker” will go on to take pictures of various rooms like: boiler room, pool room, hotel room, and various equipment setups like: water heaters, light bulbs, shower heads.

After the “sitewalk” is submitted from the App, the backend engine will analyze the data (either manually by Expert Engineers sitting at the client headquarters or automatically through a machine learning algorithm) and generate an offer for the hotel owner. The offer will include a comprehensive list of suggested improvements to his hotel equipment by suggesting an HVAC package solution tailored to the needs and specifics of the site. In the offer the system will also show the potential savings that the hotel owner can achieve by adopting the new smart HVAC solution.

Application workflow screenshots below: